Wednesday, 3 August 2011

College - Week 11...

Counselling this week bore witness to my less-than Oscar winning performance of a counsellor in session. I felt that I gave it my best shot though, and under the circumstances….those being that I’m not exactly crazy about the course…. I didn’t do too badly, all told.

I swiftly carried my 30 minutes of recorded fame to a little room located near the F Block foyer, and a rather helpful gentleman immediately set about creating a copy for me.

After jacket 'n' beans, was the inevitable theory element of person-centred counselling, and, with depressing predictability, we ended the day by looking into a suicidal scenario.

I.T. was pleasantly challenging this week. It’s been quite a while since I’d last created tables in Word, but it was a fun exercise …creating multi-coloured boxes and playing around with font formats.

After a comforting Suchard's hot chocolate drink from the vending machine, it was straight into numeracy, and those awful power numbers again.  I managed to make a start on my homework during class, but I suspect that I’ll be up half the night, yet again, attempting to divide and multiply numbers containing dozens of 0's.

Apparently, there’s to be 13 (unlucky for some) number worksheets. Next week we’ll apparently be learning about how to use our scientific calculators, which I’m looking forward to as I’m clueless in that department, and relish the opportunity to play with my new toy.

Jacket 'n' beans was a somewhat rushed affair, as is the Tuesday ritual, and I was somewhat surprised by the diminished number in attendance for study skills. The group project has been recently marred by apathy within my particular group….me being the main culprit…. but today proved a reasonably positive experience, and all is finally becoming clearer regarding exactly what is expected of us. The words "timed essay" were not at all welcomed, but forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

The joy of writing skills saw us vacating our usual room for the technical delights of The Learning Link. An online multi-choice questionnaire greeted us, which, in my case, was far, far preferable to the previous handwritten tasks inflicted upon us. I admit to rushing through the 40 questions in an attempt to catch an earlier bus back home, but 35 out of 40 was no real disgrace, as 26 was the required pass mark.

Wednesday I spent a very enlightening hour having some much-needed careers advice. Avenues opened up before my very eyes, and an overwhelming amount of information was made instantly available to me. I left there feeling as though I’d passed through a new door, one that led to new and exciting opportunities.

Thursday I was feeling distinctly below par. There’s been a lot of nasty bugs flying about, and I’d done well to avoid them so far.

The person sitting next to me, who’d brought a cup of rather strong smelling soup into the room, didn’t exactly aid my nausea. Their even stronger personal aroma, courtesy of B&H, practically finished me off. I soldiered on, however, and tried my best to absorb all the data aimed at us during sociology.

The word statistics made me physically shudder, but I soon got the hang of all the graphs and charts, and towards the end of the lesson I was actually quite enjoying it.

The class received a rather nasty surprise today regarding credits. I, along with many of my classmates, had assumed that for a double module… with two credits available, and where two separate assignments are set…..that each piece of work would carry a separate grade.

It now appears that a nice level three for part one can, and will, be downgraded to an over-all not-so-nice level two if the second assignment is marked at level two. 

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